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Natural Disasters and Applying Psychological First Aid

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Duration: 3 months
Investment: $234.00
Natural Disasters and First Responder Mental Health; Disaster Behavioural Health: Counsellors Responding to Terrorism
Natural and human-made disasters provide the backdrop for participants to discuss the different emotions that victims of human-made disasters may experience. Students will address how this would change a counsellor’s therapeutic approach to disaster mental health services and the psychological impact on clients.
Students will also be able to discuss their personal experiences they had with natural disasters and whether they are able to recall the range of feelings, thoughts, and actions triggered by the event. At this point, they will begin to reflect on how they might use this lived experience in their work with future disaster victims.
Anxiety developed from the fear of a terrorist attack differs from the emotions experienced when faced with danger from other known threats. This topic will be explored.
Students will have an opportunity to share an experience that they have had and that is considered traumatic, identify the emotions they had difficulty handling, and what skills they drew upon that helped them to cope.
Learning Outcomes:
Entry Requirements:
The ideal applicants must normally hold an approved degree or equivalent qualification from an approved tertiary institution and needs to have prior knowledge of psychological first aid. However, under certain circumstances and subject to specific conditions such as work experience, the Trauma Institute may admit others who can show evidence of suitability for candidature.
Intake dates:
Every 1st Monday of each month.
Please note, there is no new intake course during December and January.
*You must enrol in a term within a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the start of the elected term date. Late and cancellation fees may occur if failure to do so. Your application/enrolment approval can take up to 4 weeks.