Trauma Institute

What is Psychological First Aid

Trauma Centre of Australia

Psychological First Aid Core Actions.

  1. Contact and Engagement
    Goal: To respond to contacts initiated by survivors, or initiate contacts in a non-intrusive, compassionate and helpful manner.
  2. Safety and Comfort
    Goal: To enhance immediate and ongoing safety, and provide physical and emotional comfort
  3. Stabilisation (if needed)
    Goal: To calm and orient emotionally overwhelmed or disoriented survivors
  4. Information Gathering: current needs and concerns
    Goal: To identify immediate needs and concerns, gather additional information and tailor Psychological First Aid interventions.
  5. Practical Assistance
    Goal: To offer practical help to survivors in addressing immediate needs and concerns.
  6. Connection with Social Supports
    Goal: To help establish brief or ongoing contacts with primary support persons or other sources of support, including family members, friends and community helping resources.
  7. Information on Coping
    Goal: To provide information about stress reactions and coping to reduce distress and promote adaptive functioning.
  8. Linkage with Collaborative Services
    Goal: To link survivors with available services needed at the time or in the future.
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