Trauma Institute

Online Learning

Online learning provides students with the opportunity to undertake a course of study which works around their lifestyle. Our students are able to study from home or in a remote area without having to relocate or attend lectures in person. All that’s needed is a computer and internet access. All study materials are provided- you simply login and access the course wherever and whenever you choose! Some of the benefits of studying online include:


The opportunity to attend class “anytime, anywhere” is enticing, especially if you are working long hours and do not live near the campus of the school you want to attend. The courses are taught and recorded according to a schedule, but you can access these at a time convenient for you.

Student Support

Although students are required to complete the traditional classroom assignments, lectures, coursework, and discussions, these can be completed at your own pace. Another wonderful thing about studying with us is our access to student support. Our chat rooms, emails, and course work forums allow students to ask questions, share ideas and seek help if needed.


Online education helps save students a considerable amount financially by removing the cost of transportation and other associated costs. All our course materials are provided, which significantly reduces the financial hardship that often comes with studying at a traditional college.

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