Trauma Institute

Mission Statement And Values

Trauma Institute’s mission statement is ‘Rebuilding lives through the power of learning’.

Our values are learning, integrity, innovation, commitment


  • We are supportive and accessible, providing an excellent learning environment for the personal and professional development of each learner

  • We deliver relevant, peer reviewed, authentic learning experiences and flexible online delivery

  • We provide a working environment that encourages lifelong learning and development


  • We are accountable, honest, ethical and transparent in all that we do

  • We ensure accountability and compliance through a framework

  • We build and sustain high levels of trust and respect within Trauma Institute and the wider community


  • We continually drive positive change to respond to the needs of our dynamic online learning environment

  • We share our knowledge and expertise to foster an excellent learning culture.

  • We develop our leadership in education and act upon it

  • We take all actions within a framework of continuous improvement, challenging the status quo, encouraging and seeking improvement and excellence in everything we do


  • We ensure a high level student service experience to every learner, business and community member who interacts with us

  • We work as a team with a common purpose to achieve goals which include supporting our learners, businesses, and other stakeholders of Trauma Institute community.

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