Trauma Institute

Peter Horton Biography

Peter Horton has practised as a Trauma Counsellor for almost twenty years and has operated a private practice for 12 years. He was also a consultant Psychologist/ Counsellor with Odyssey House Drug and Alcohol Program for over 8 years.

Peter Horton has worked as a principal psychologist in a number of organisations performing assessment, diagnosis and treatment with a wide range of clients and conditions. This experience has included treating and dealing with work place trauma, addictions including; alcohol, drugs, gambling, and eating disorders. He has been the principal consultant and senior Clinical Co-coordinator to three Drink-Drive agencies for the past seven years.

His current work specialises in Trauma Response. Peter Horton is currently working as an on call critical incident trauma response psychologist and is the Director of the Trauma Centre of Australia based in Kew. Peter is also a registered supervisor, and is responsible for providing training and supervision to a number of provisional psychologists and trainee counsellors.

Peter Horton’s Qualifications

  • Dip of General studies: (Psych), (Monash Caulfield)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Psych), (Monash Caulfield)
  • Grad Dip of Education, (Hawthorn Institute)
  • Bachelor of Ed, (Monash Gippsland)
  • Grad Dip of Educational Administration: (Latrobe University)
  • Masters of Educational Administration: (Deakin University),
  • Certificate of Occupational health and Safety: (Vic Trades Hall)
  • Masters of Rehabilitation Counselling. (Sydney University)


  • Registered Psychologist the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)
  • Approved Supervisor – Psychology Board AHPRA
  • Member Australian Psychology Society (APS)
  • Director the Trauma and Psychology Interest Group (TAPIG)
  • Member of the Victorian Association of Drink & Drug Driver Services (VADDS)
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