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of the poor. An orphan at age three, Geeta was raised by her elder sister. She didn go to school and was married to an alcoholic uncle when she was a teenager. Today, she works as a housemaid in Bangalore to feed her family of four: Her husband, her two sons and herself. Geeta life goal is to educate her two sons. But she lives in a cycle of debt borrowing to repay past loans, to make annual school payments for her sons, to cover family events like weddings and every time someone in the family falls sick. Geeta, it so happens, works in my house.Two years ago, Geeta heard about Janalakshmi, a microfinance company, from some women in her neighborhood. She joined a group of women and borrowed Rs. 30,000 (about $600) with the understanding that they would help each other not default on interest payments and take turns reaping the benefits of the loan. Each group has a leader who guarantees the interest payment to the microfinance institution and in turn, the leader invites women she trusts

work. The former homebuilder was sharing office space with Water Removal Services at the time, and says he asked the company to issue the check, cashed it at a package store owned by his family, then
Wholesale NFL jerseys gave the money to former County Commission Chief of Staff Morris Williams. He did it all at Williams’ direction, Cotter said. Williams disputed his account, but would not elaborate. The check was endorsed "Lee May," but May said it’s not his signature. May does acknowledge receiving special treatment from the county, which puts homeowners through a claims process before paying for sewer damage repairs, but he says he didn’t realize it at the time. With the players giving conflicting accounts, and one key player staying tight lipped, legal experts say the FBI and the DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office have a lot of work do to. Investigators should be digging through bank records and comparing handwriting samples, said Allen
Wholesale jerseys Moye, a retired federal prosecutor who lives in Decatur

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Articles Connexes:

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